Delivering results
for over 25 years

Who are the Jamieson Group?

Established in 1996, the Jamieson Group is a leading global provider of productivity, implementation and change management consulting services to businesses in over 30 countries worldwide.

We have proven expertise at identifying, fostering and installing sustainable improvements to processes, systems, behaviour and operating cultures. These improvements have a measurable positive effect on all major assets, including your people – reducing cost, increasing efficiency and reducing risk. We operate at all levels and engage from the frontline to the Board Room to ensure the Readiness, Effectiveness and Alignment of our client’s organisations.

We have an unrivaled delivery record with over 700 completed client assignments. Our flexibility and focus on tangible and realistic solutions is demonstrated through our diverse client portfolio, which includes major through to junior organisations and Fortune 500 companies.

We deploy highly experienced consultants who understand our client’s industries. We work closely with the people who drive our client’s businesses to maximize internal “buy-in” and ownership of the change process. Our teams have a depth of international experience as well as local knowledge and are based in North & Latin America, Oceania, Asia, Europe and Africa – we speak the language and understand the culture.

We deliver on what we promise and pride ourselves on building collaborative working relationships with our clients – together we achieve outstanding, sustainable results.

The Jamieson Group is a global provider of cost reduction
and productivity improvement services.

Established for over 25 years, having completed over 700 successful engagements, delivering in excess of $9.5 billion USD in productivity benefits for our clients.

We service all industry sectors, with a primary focus on mining,
manufacturing, supply chain, transportation & logistics and oil & gas.

We work closely with people at all levels in the workplace,
to maximise internal buy-in and ownership of the change process.

Success is based on our understanding of Organisational
Culture, Change Management practices and the need to influence
the behaviour of our clients’ employees.

A large portfolio of tools and methodologies have led to the
implementation of improved Management Operating Systems (iMOS)
in our clients’ operations.

Why Jamieson Group?

Multidisciplinary Expertise

The global Jamieson Group team of specialists have multidisciplinary and multi-industry expertise that allows us to access world class best practice as well as proven change management methodologies.

Local Knowledge and
Global Experience

Jamieson teams are based in North and Latin America, Oceania, Asia, Europe and Africa. We speak the language and understand the culture.

Sustainable Results

Complex strategic change initiatives often falter because organisations fail to engage effectively and communicate with their personnel and stakeholders. Jamieson will support your organisation to align your workforce with your strategic priorities, working with your organisation to develop and implement change plans that guide the workforce along paths to new ways of working.

In the mining industry Jamieson Group has completed more productivity
improvement initiatives than any other consulting company.

Jamieson pride ourselves on implementing tangible,
sustainable results, not on writing reports nor devising
back room strategies.

Work closely with all organisational levels in their
workplaces to maximise internal buy-in and ownership
of the change process.

Deploy highly experienced consultants who
understand our client’s industries, people, systems
and processes.

What the Jamieson Group Can Do

From the boardroom to the front line the focus is on the development and installation of sustainable improvements.

Global Implementation specialists providing tangible improvements in:

Processes & Systems

Productivity & Profitability Improvement

People & Culture

People & Organisational Development

Assets & Equipment

Asset & Equipment Optimisation

Organisational Readiness & Alignment

As Business Transformation Implementers there is a need to ensure all components of the operation are aligned. Are all Departments working towards the same strategic goals? Is there general cooperation across all Departments or are they operating in silos? Observations need to be conducted and surveys administered to determine what key members of the organisation believe are current priorities. If these priorities are not aligned, there will be a need to work with your people to bring them into alignment. This is a vital precursor to improving the overall performance of the organisation to align the physical and cultural aspects of the organisation.

Operational Effectiveness

To execute Business Transformation, there is a need to dig down into the DNA of the operations. Interactive investigations into the level of leadership and management skill that exist at all levels of management are undertaken.
Assessment of the level of skill and professional development of the employees at the working end of the business is conducted. By conducting forensic analyses of the organisation’s management systems, potentially mismatched capabilities and bottlenecks, and we “drill-down” into the performance metrics. Benchmark analyses are conducted through comparison value driver trees to identify the gaps between where the organisation is currently operating, and where it could be. All of this results in a menu of opportunities prioritised by ROI. Working with our clients we can now determine the priority issues they want to work on.

Total Enterprise Asset Management

Whether undertaking major infrastructure or fixed plant construction projects, or developing or expanding corporate mobile fleet portfolios, the Jamieson Group has the expertise and experience to assist clients at every stage of the asset acquisition process. We have a deep knowledge of how to optimise maintenance operations and introduce world class maintenance and quality assurance practices.
We have the experience and expertise to ensure that automated condition monitoring initiatives are implemented in a cost-effective and properly integrated manner. If asset acquisition, maintenance or condition monitoring practices are weak or ineffective, the organisation’s maintenance personnel will end up ‘putting out fires’. Jamieson are skilled at quickly diagnosing the root causes that have given rise to such a ‘fire-fighting culture’ and at devising methodologies to eliminate.

Our Approach — What We Look For:

“All people come to work to be successful, but six human and operating barriers keep them from total success”.

All of these components together need to be in place and in alignment for any successful implementation


Different perception of requirements.


Lack of skills and training.


Polluted corporate culture and individualism.


Lack of expectations, lack of structure
and/or lack of a role model.


Inappropriate process, tools, methods, procedures & communication.


Ability to translate information
or a plan into action.

Supporting & delivering for our clients

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